Winter Leagues

It's indoor season and that means it's time for Winter Leagues!!  

Skookum does not have an indoor range yet, however, there is a committed group of members that call themselves the Frozen Chosen.  Pete Miles is the Skookum coordinator and he runs the winter leagues for us each year.  Winter Leagues are a fun way to meet up with a group of other members for some good-natured competition and are run in conjunction with the WSAA Indoor leagues.

Covid-19 Adjustments:  Due to the pandemic we will allow participants to form smaller groups of 3-5 shooters if they choose.  Please see the registration page for more details.

Please Note: You must be a Skookum Member to shoot on the Members Only Range.  If you are not a member and are interested in joining us for Winter League you can explore our membership options at:

The WSAA hosts two mail-in tournaments, Multi-Color & Bue-Face where participants have two months to record 6 scores.  Scorecards are collected each week and mailed to the state coordinator who gathers scores from other clubs around the state.  Participants compete against archers from around the state for awards & bragging rights. Each different tournament style also has a two-day championship tournament to be held at multiple locations around the state. For more information on the WSAA mail-in & Championships please visit their website at

Members are responsible for sending in their registration to the WSAA if they wish to participate in the state-wide tournament.  NOTE: You do not have to participate in the WSAA Mail-in Tournament to participate in the Skookum Winter Leagues.