Range Safety Rules

  1. Using any part of Skookum Archery Club property or facilities means individual(s) have read, understand, and agree to follow Skookum Archery Club rules. Failures to follow any of the rules are grounds for immediate dismissal from the property without reimbursement.
  2. All non-members must register and pay at the Pro-Shop or insert payment via pay box of the daily range fee before using any part of Skookum Club property, ranges, or facilities. There is no charge for children under 12 years old. All youth must be supervised by an adult.
  3. No firearms are allowed to be used on the property. Crossbows may be used on flat or member’s range only – not in the walk through courses. Atlatls are allowed in sand pits.
  4. Skookum Archery Club members must display their membership card while using the range or facilities.
  5. This club is policed by its membership and all members are authorized to enforce club rules.
  6. The flat range and walk through courses are open everyday between sunrise and sunset unless otherwise posted.
  7. Littering on the premises will not be tolerated.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any shooting range or in the clubhouse.
  9. Pets must be leashed, controlled by their owner, and cleaned up after.
  10. No Hunting or shooting of wildlife. Skookum Archery Club is a designated backyard wildlife sanctuary.
  11. Smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse or within 25 feet of doorways as per Washington State Law. Smoking on the Premises may be temporarily banned due to hazardous conditions.
  12. Broadheads are only permitted to be used on the designated broadhead targets located on the flat range or the foam targets on the member’s range. Any broadheads (including practice blades) are prohibited on the walk through courses.
  13. Enter the walk through courses at designated entry points and proceed forward until you reach the exit. NEVER back track on the walk through courses.
  14. Shooting is only allowed from within the established shooting lanes and stakes, shooting across lanes or from the brush or trees is prohibited.
  15. When retrieving arrows from behind the target sheds on the walk through course, always leave your bow in front of the target if shooting alone, or have someone stand in front of the target to alert other archers to your presence.
  16. No shooting is permitted where there are RANGE CLOSED signs posted.
  17. Over bowed archers or individuals who sky their bows (Pointing towards the sky to draw back) are prohibited from using Skookum Archery Club Ranges.
  18. Return all found arrows lost by other archers to the metal arrow bucket located outside of the Club house. All returned arrows can be reclaimed at the next Skookum Archery hosted tournament.
  19. Game Calls may be used in the parking lot area areas during normal pro shop hours.
  20. Any person found to be causing damage to Skookum Club Property or its neighbors due to negligent behavior will be held financially liable for repairs or replacement costs.
  21. Shooting line safety: When on the flat range, check to see that all archers on the entire shooting line have stopped shooting and it is clear to retrieve arrows from the targets. This includes the broadhead bales. Once the “CLEAR” phrase has been given, archers may advance to retrieve their arrows. When preparing to shoot, ensure that all archers have returned past the shooting line prior to continuing to shoot. If there is anyone down range, shooting is prohibited until they return.

Revised by Skookum Board of Directors April 13, 2009, Adopted May 11, 2009, Effective Date May 12, 2009
Revised 2012 to allow broad heads on members range
Revised 2013 to allow Atlatls in sand pits