Target Tournaments in July!

This July, Skookum will have three NFAA Target Style tournaments on back-to-back weekends.

First up is the Skookum 900 Practice Tournament on July 9th.  It will be a one-day NFAA 900 round specifically designed to be a warm-up shoot for the next two tournaments.

Sunday, July 10th we host the Washington State Senior Games.  This tournament is run in conjunction with the National Senior Games and Skookum is proud to provide a venue for this tournament.  

The following weekend we host the WSAA State Target Tournament.  It is a two day tournament July 16th & 17th.  For this tournament, you will need to meet the WSAA tournament guidelines if you'd like to qualify for awards, but anyone may shoot as a guest.


These tournaments use the NFAA American 900 Round format., NFAA Age Division and Equipment styles (including PeeWee as per WSAA tournament rules)
Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior & Young Adult distances: 60, 50, 40 yards 
Youth distances: 50, 40, 30 yards
Cub distances:  30, 20, 10 yards
PeeWee distances:  15, 10, 5 yards

There will be 5 ends of 6 arrows each distance at 122 cm diameter multi-color face

There is dry camping available on-site - Lunch, snacks & refreshments will be available both weekends.

Online Registration is preferred for the Skookum 900 & WSAA Target Championship.  There will be on-site registrations for both tournaments.

Registration 7:00-8:30 Saturday
Tournament begins 9:00 am