Summer Field League

Let's have some fun with a Summer Field League!!

Skookum will be hosting a Summer Field League this year.  It will be managed by Pete Miles and will run on the honor system.  Participants are encouraged to form their own groups of members and non-members to meet and shoot 6 separate rounds, 2 Field, 2 Hunter & 2 Animal.  

The NFAA has announced that they will be hosting a Summer Field League again this year.  If you are interested in participating at the NFAA level you must sign-up with them, we are providing this for information only.   Click here for more information.

We will keep the A, B & C courses set up with the appropriate field targets and will use the NFAA suggested schedule as a guideline for changing out targets to ensure they are in good condition for scoring.

For anyone not familiar with NFAA Field target rules and scoring you can visit the NFAA website for more details.  The direct link to the Field Tournament guidelines can be found here.  You can reference this handing scoring guide by printing a copy to carry with you.  It will also be available via our mobile app.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at or Pete Miles at